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Welcome to the Mimenta Art Website

We're 10 years old! From a humble exam reminder for teaching Art and Art History, we have grown into a reference website recognised as an online art resources by over 60 universities internationally (and probably more that we don't know about!). Your interest has kept us going all those years with this labour of love. Thankyou for your continued support.

Thankyou also, to those people and institutions who have allowed us to publish images of treasures from their private collections without any restrictions, so students around the world can re-use these images for educational purposes.

Art is not just decoration; it reflects the events taking place at that time. Accordingly, we look at the bigger picture; what was happening in the world at that time, that gave rise to that style. Why Byzantine faces are so sad, why the Dutch masters added so much detail, why so much art and knowledge was lost in the Dark Ages. It's more than just pretty pictures, art is civilisation's history in pictures.

Interested in Art? . . . You have come to the right place.

Art History example pictures

Art History? For art history students, we have a comprehensive explanation of the different periods of art, along with examples of works from the Artists themselves, in the "Visual Arts " Section, under the "Art History - From Pre-History to Cubism" section. This is designed in interactive format and is full of surprises so click on the images, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Latest update - The products section has been redesigned to familiarise people with the materials and products used in art, both visual art and graphics production for film and computer. A brief description for each product or item is written in simple terms for the beginner.

A 3-D Tour? Considered one of the Wonders of the World, for those who cannot see this amazing work in person, we have included a direct link to the Vatican-on-line virtual 3-D tour, so you can see it for yourself. There is also an image of what it was before Michelangelo remodelled it. You'll find the link on our Periods of art - Renaissance Page



Visual Art Aspiring artists can see the various aspects of the art trade from painting restorations, conservation framing, oil painting, photography and works on paper. There is even a history of paper and printing.

On Line Gallery - Contributing artists may find some motivation in the Gallery section. The works on display are not for sale but the artists can be contacted through our "Contact Us" link for commissions and information. However the main reason for this section is to debut artists and demonstrate one way that artists can display their works to the public.

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Digital Art - We are not just about paintings, sculptures and Art History. We also represent the digital side of art too but specifically web design. Digital art is well represented on the Internet however we seem to have forgotten those crazy artists who slave away in the wee hours to bring us websites that are works of art in their own right.

Assorted web designs

Some other sites in the Mimenta stable. More than just another food site, get the whole picture - we look at the science of nutrition, how to grow it, what to buy, how to prepare it and what to serve with it.
A site full of that laconic Antipodean humour, the sort that gets a wry smile and a belly chuckle, that both Aussies and Kiwis are famous for. World famous downunder!
This is not a dating site but is a "must read" to avoid the scammers, the sneaky ways they use to fool people they have thousands of members in your area, through to how to safely date on line and set up the first meeting.

Whats online dating

The Mimentum Blog
Current Affairs and Consumer Issues. A look at some of the things that are not discussed in the news that pertain to events in Australasia.

The Mimentum Blog

An informative site about business and how to make the Internet work for conventional business. From creating a business to creative writing for business promotions. All in plain English without the hype.
There's a lot of garden sites but few start off with a bare block and empty pockets. HB Garden Headquarters is the exception. See how to do everything, from paths, turning bare clay into rich soil, right through to building a garden shed.





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