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Fine Art and Artists
If you are looking for information about anything to do with Visual Art, Oil painting, works of paper digital art or restoring art, you have come to the right place. Mimenta.com is an online gallery and art history reference site created specifically for art students. All images on this site are not copyright and are available for re-use. All we ask is give us a link or some form of recognition.We offer an internet gallery to up and coming artists as well as training in the technical side of art production and marketing of artworks.

The established art colleges excel in promoting their students and give rise to many artists who will become popular in the future. However there are many more talented people in the general population who are not able to attend the art academies yet produce quality artworks. How boring the art scene would be here in Australia without our Pro Harts!

In the true Australian tradition, Mimenta.com exists to give these people - the battlers of the art scene - a fair go.

In our Gallery section, you can see a small selection of work from several Australian Artists. If you are looking for a commission artist, contact us for further details.


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The On-line Art Resource

Mimenta.com is also an art resource for artists and those who appreciate art. Click on any of the sections below for some interesting information on a few of the various visual art formats, their history, production, care and restoration.

For more information, select one of the topics below:

Painting In Oils

Painting In Acrylics


Water Colours

Caring for Works on Paper

Paperworks - Some History

Art HistoryArt History Pre Renaissance

Art History Timeline

Omline Art Gallery


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The Rusty Rake website

How about a change of scenery?

Take a look at what makes us uniquely Australian. A collection of articles, each one a gem, about what makes life in Australia and New Zealand so unique - sort of "word paintings". See a collection of humorous tales from both the farm and the city. All original never before published content depicting the many walks of life through their humorous incidents.

The Rusty Rake makes for delightful reading and in it's own right is another work of art fashioned by a skilled wordsmith.

The Rusty Rake website logo
Click image to go to The Rusty Rake.com



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I would like to extend my thanks to the many people who have allowed me to photograph their work and a very special thanks to those of you who gave me permission to publish pictures of your art work when it was at it's worst and during restoration.

Together we all have put Australian artists on the world stage and given the world a glimpse on the rich appreciation of art we all share here in Australia.


David A Hilton-Bright
Melbourne Australia