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Welcome to Mimenta's on-line art portal.

From here you can view our galleries and exhibitions.

Currently we have 2 resident artists on display:
David A Hilton-Bright and Sherry Anne Harvey.

To open the respective gallery click on the artists banner at the end of their Biography or any respective text link.

Photo of David and Sherry

David A Hilton-Bright

"Growing up in New Zealand in the 1970's was great - it was the Hippie era and cool to be "arty". I trained as a teacher and went on to University to get some 'serious' qualifications in Psychology and Maths. Strangely these did more for my art than my intended career; art was a way to earn a little income on the side, that paid my way through Uni. This was a kind of forced apprenticing. I had 'real' art students on tap and even majored in art at Teachers Training College. There followed courses in art conservation and the workshop techniques of the pre-renaissance masters".

In 1981, David moved to Australia where he taught Art History and Oil Painting and developed an interest in computers. David has sold works in Australia but most of his work is purchased internationally.

"I've always said I'd get an exhibition together but I can't seem to get more that 20 pieces together before someone buys them".

Today David is as skilled with a mouse and digital palette as he is with brushes and oil paints.

To view a our online Australasian Fine art Gallery, click on the banner below.

Original Oil Paintings by David Hilton-Bright

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Sherry Anne Harvey

Sherry was educated in the UK and returned to New Zealand as an adult. Working at Whitcoulls Art supply shop in Wellington; demonstrating art techniques with the various materials, provided an incentive to practice and began Sherry's passion for working in oils.

"David and I make an odd couple when we paint. We are almost opposite but good for each other. David has an eye for detail where I tend to be more objective. He is so tidy . . . me, well . . . it washes off with a bit of rubbing".

I am often amazed by the colours here. Australia is a painters paradise because it is a land of contrast, especially lately, with the drought.

It's surprising when you go back to places you have painted and see how they have changed. Unlike photographs, when you paint a landscape, you capture the scenery and the vibrance and emotion of the moment that rarely comes out in a photo. Before long every landscape painter becomes a historian; capturing the scenery and emotion of times past.

To view a our online Australasian Fine art Gallery, click on the banner below.

Sherry's Oil Paintings Gallery

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Here at Mimenta, we not only produce quality art but we restore artworks, teach Art History and Art in general, specialising in Oil Painting.